Presentation of VISTE project in ACM Interactions magazine

The hands of a user on a map with tangible interface and augmented reality, produced in VISTE project

From the article: Picture of tangible augmented reality map, accessible for users with visual impairment, developed in VISTE project.

Thursday, May 9, 2019

VISTE project is featured in the article "Grand Challenges in Accessible Maps" by Jon Froehlich, Anke Brock, Anat Caspi, João Guerreiro, Kotaro Hara, Reuben Kirkham, Johannes Schöning, Benjamin Tannert, on ACM Interactions 26, 2 (February 2019).
The article investigates two problems: (a) how accessibility information can be collected, validated and integrated in maps, and (b) how digital maps can be designed so as to be accessible to a diverse set of users across a wide range of physical, sensory, and cognitive abilities. Examples of ongoing research projects addressing these problems are presented.