Presentation of VISTE project hands-on workshop on Romanian television

Prof. D. Bodea interviewed on television

Prof. D. Bodea (pictured) and Prof. I. Cîmpean, LSDV, have presented the project on two Romanian television programs

Thursday, February 28, 2019

The VISTE hands-on workshop held at Liceul Special pentru Deficienti de Vedere Cluj-Napoca in January 2019 has been presented in two television programs on TVR CLUJ.
Discussion focused on the major spatial thinking concepts and the way in which spatial thinking skills can be taught and practiced by means of tridimensional objects and technical equipment, such as the VISTE toolkit and various other apps.
You can watch the videos (in Romanian) on the following links:
(1) Regiunea in obiectiv 30/1/2019:
(2) Fara prejudecati 9/2/2019: