Out third intellectual output involved the development, implementation and validation of an Ιnformation and Communication Technology (ICT) toolkit to assist the work of educators. The toolkit consists of two pillars.

The first pillar is the web-based VISTE Community of users (platform), which allows teachers to share open educational resources developed in the project and cooperatively develop new ones.
You can access and join the VISTE Community to share educational resources for empowering spatial thinking in students with visual impairment, here.

The second pillar is an Augmented Reality (AR) toolkit, which visually impaired users can use to explore tactile maps with complementary audio information, to receive guidance, to construct their own maps, or to explore tactile material in a quiz mode. The prototype was extended to also enable teachers of visually impaired students to create their own audio-tactile material.
Additionally, a Virtual Reality (VR) toolkit has been designed and validated, which can be used as a street simulator to train visually impaired students in orientation and mobility lessons.

Information on the latest versions of the toolkits is included in the VISTE Guide of Good Practice, available here.
A video presentation of the Augmented Reality toolkit for the CHI 2018 conference is available here.
We have also communicated progress in the development of the Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality prototypes in several publications and conference presentations, available in the Resources section of this website, here.

VISTE community interface screenshot including photograph of VISTE augmented reality botanical atlas
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